Introducing Dr. Elizabeth Chance: A Visionary in Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Chance, with her distinguished credentials as a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, has dedicated her career to the art and science of aesthetic surgery. Her skill shines in intricate procedures such as deep plane facelifts and neck lifts with a focus on creating balanced, natural, transformation results. She recognizes the nuanced and specific challenges that women often encounter within the aging process, and to this end created Chance + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics to be a haven for high touch, hands on care for women during this process. Within this esteemed practice, she offers each patient a tailored and personalized approach, striving to exceed her patient’s individual aesthetic goals and to empower them during their journey. Through her unwavering commitment and genuine care, Dr. Chance becomes a steadfast partner in guiding her patients towards a path of renewed confidence and enduring beauty.

Dr. Elizabeth Chance

A Forward-Thinking Approach

Dr. Chance believes in a patient-centric approach that starts with attentive and compassionate listening. She is committed to being your partner and gaining a deep understanding of your aesthetic aspirations, concerns, and insecurities. Her modern philosophy and meticulous attention to care set her apart. With ample time dedicated to each patient, Dr. Chance consistently achieves discreet surgical transformations, ensuring a natural and refreshed appearance.

Exceptional Education & Training

Passion has been an enduring thread throughout the life of Dr. Elizabeth Chance. From an early age, her mother introduced her to the world of music as a cellist learning through the Suzuki method, which became her focal point of her childhood. This passionate pursuit continued as she pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Cello Performance at the University of North Carolina. Her father’s impact and dedication to his craft as a  respected surgeon was one of the driving forces that then led her to a career shift to medicine. She successfully completed her medical studies at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, earning recognition as a member of the esteemed Alpha Omega Alpha Society during her third year.

She then completed a full residency in Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Virginia and followed by a prestigious fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Miami. The combination of these two disciplines has positioned Dr. Chance as an exceptional expert in her field, recognized for her superior results and unique approach. She is amongst the best in the world at her craft and is second to none in the care of her patients.

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Adored by Her Patients

Dr. Elizabeth Chance is a highly respected surgeon and a compassionate advocate for instilling confidence and enhancing natural beauty. Her exceptional surgical skills have garnered a devoted following of patients captivated by her warm and humorous demeanor. With her talented staff, Dr. Chance fosters an atmosphere of genuine care and warmth in her office, making patients feel genuinely valued. With a steadfast dedication to enhancing natural features and ensuring patient satisfaction, Dr. Chance is a trusted professional who prioritizes the well-being and aesthetic goals of each individual she has the privilege to serve.

Dr. Chance is the absolute best! She is a true artist and her work is phenomenal.

Lori B.

Meticulous and Patient-Centric

Recognizing the challenges that come with the aging process, Dr. Chance personally understands the journey and the need for support. With this in mind, she established Chance + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics as a tranquil, patient-centered facility dedicated to facial rejuvenation. At this serene center, a compassionate team of women who genuinely empathize with your experiences deliver exceptional results. Dr. Chance's commitment to thorough care is evident as she limits the number of patients she operates on daily, ensuring personalized attention and comprehensive treatment. Every aspect of the patient experience is thoughtfully designed with your needs as the top priority.

Experience Empowering Rejuvenation Today

Dr. Chance and her exceptional team are dedicated to supporting you on your journey through the aging process. You deserve to look as vibrant as you feel, reclaiming your youthful radiance without appearing overly "plastic" or "done." Having walked in your shoes, Dr. Chance and her team possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you. To arrange an in-person consultation with Dr. Chance, we invite you to contact Chance + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, today. Rediscover your empowerment through rejuvenation.

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A Multifaceted Life

Dr. Chance finds immense joy in consistently delivering outstanding results to her patients. Beyond her practice, she plays the role that defines her - being a mother to her two young boys. As a female surgeon and mother to two energetic boys, her life is a whirlwind of fulfilling roles and responsibilities. Balancing the demands of a high-stakes career with the joys of motherhood requires patience, resilience, and careful time management. In the operating room, she navigates complex procedures with precision and expertise, driven by a passion for healing. Outside of work, she cherishes every moment spent with my sons, embracing the chaos of parenthood with laughter and love. From late-night cuddles to cheering on soccer games, she is passionate about being present and engaged in their lives, nurturing their growth and development. Though the juggling act can be challenging, she wouldn't trade this full and enriching life for anything in the world. She is also blessed with a loving and immensely wonderful husband who is such a pillar of strength for her - serving as her number one supporter. She often remarks that she’s blessed with such a full life. 

Dr. Chance & Family

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