Who is a Good Candidate for a Hand Fat Transfer?

A highly safe and effective method for addressing concerns regarding the hands' appearance is through a straightforward fat transfer procedure. By replenishing volume, this treatment significantly enhances the appearance of the hands, essentially counteracting the natural decline in collagen associated with normal aging. At Chance + Co, the vast majority of middle-aged patients seeking cosmetic enhancement find hand fat transfers to be an ideal solution to treat this visible area. Thankfully, hand fat transfer is consider a minor procedure. You must have at least one area on your body from which fat cells can be harvested for repositioning, which typically isn't a concern for most individuals. For further information on the benefits of hand fat transfers, feel free to contact our office and schedule a consultation today.

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Advantages of Hand Fat Transfer

Our patients find hand fat transfer highly appealing for several compelling reasons:

  • Reversal of the natural decline in fat and collagen due to aging and exposure to the elements
  • Utilization of your body's own fat as a filler, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions
  • Long-lasting results that endure for years
  • Diminish the signs of aging of the back of the hands
  • Correction of a thin, veiny, or "bony" appearance
  • Hands that feel soft and supple
  • Authentic appearance compared to synthetic fillers
  • Convenient combination with other fat transfer procedures to address facial wrinkles and more

Hand Fat Transfer Steps

Hand fat transfers, also known as micro-lipo injections or autologous fat transplantation, offer a simple and direct solution. The procedure follows these steps:

  1. Liposuction is gently performed to extract healthy fat from another body area, typically the abdomen, thighs, or flanks.
  2. The harvested fat undergoes purification and preparation for grafting in the Puregraft System.
  3. Using a fine needle and cannula, the purified fat is meticulously injected into areas of the hand lacking vitality and volume.
  4. To accommodate the body's natural absorption of injected fat, an extra amount is administered, ensuring sustained results even after absorption.
  5. Gentle massage is applied to ensure uniform fat distribution, fulfilling your aesthetic objectives and rejuvenating your hands.
  6. Post-procedure, many patients witness a remarkable rejuvenation, perceiving their hands as much as 10 to 20 years younger.
  7. We often combine this with laser rejuvenation to give the hands a youthful, beautiful glow.
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Fat Transfer Recovery

In the days following hand fat transfer, you may encounter mild redness, discomfort, and potential bruising at the injection sites. Your hands may also appear swollen or puffy. However, these side effects typically diminish swiftly, and prolonged rest or recovery isn't typically required.

Applying cold compresses can expedite relief from these effects. However, it's important not to exert excessive pressure, as this could inadvertently displace fat in your hands. Some of these side effects may persist for about seven to 10 days. Recovery from this procedure is minimal. 

Why chose Dr. Chance for your hand fat transfer?

Dr. Chance and the exceptional C + Co team located in Virginia have earned a stellar reputation for their expertise in revitalizing and enhancing bodies, serving clients not only across the country but internationally as well. Proficient in both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures, the team is committed to assisting you in achieving a rejuvenated appearance and renewed confidence. Whenever you're prepared to explore further, feel free to contact us and arrange your consultation.

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