Restore Facial Symmetry

Patients young and old are plagued by excess fat under the chin and asymmetrical facial profiles. These can be due to both genetic predisposition or diet and weight. Regardless, everyone deserves a face that they can be proud of. Even though minimally invasive options are effective, nothing has the customized results of surgery. 

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A Surgical Chin Augmentation

At her practice C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, there are a few ways that Dr. Elizabeth Chance can reshape your chin to produce well-defined results without broadcasting that you had work done. The most comprehensive correction with the longest-lasting results are surgical and often include chin implants, which are soft and flexible medical-grade inserts that are affixed to the lower jawbone. Chin implants look and feel completely natural and are considered permanent. Along with implants, Dr. Chance typically removes loose skin and submental fatty tissue (fat under the chin) as well. When appropriate, she will also tighten the platysma muscle in the neck for a younger-looking and more well-defined jaw and neckline. Surgery can be intimidating, however, when performed by an expert facial surgeon, it is safe.

Dermal Fillers As An Alternative

Surgery is not for every patient, and that is okay. Dermal fillers can be used to contour the chin and jawline, creating a refined and elegant profile. Chin augmentation in Charlottesville, VA, via dermal filler, will last between 12-18 months, except in cases of fat transfer. For some, fillers are a great way to try chin augmentation without committing long-term.

Though less invasive, dermal fillers for a pronounced, defined chin should only be performed by an expert who has an exhaustive knowledge of facial anatomy and the experience to discern which filler to use, how much filler is appropriate, and proper placement. Chin augmentations by generalists or inexperienced practitioners often yield puffy and uneven results.

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How Do I Know If A Chin Augmentation Is Right For Me?

With age, soft tissue of the face sags due to increased laxity and gravity. Non-invasive procedures work up to a point, but eventually, the inevitable effects of aging will reduce the efficacy of fillers and other temporary fixes. If you’re uninterested in regular maintenance but are keen to get rid of a double chin that won't budge no matter how much you diet and exercise, a surgical chin augmentation may be the better choice. During your hour-long consultation with Dr. Chance, she will carefully listen to you share your ideals and fears, and suggest a solution that is optimal for you.

Reasons To Seek A Chin Augmentation

There are a few common reasons to seek facial recontouring of the chin, such as:

  • You are sick of your double chin 
  • Your existing chin is not balanced with the rest of your facial features
  • You have tried minimally invasive methods, but they haven’t delivered a crisp and defined look
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What Is Recovery Like?

This depends on which type of chin augmentation in Charlottesville, VA, you undergo. No downtime is needed for dermal fillers, though you may experience temporary swelling and redness. For surgical chin augmentations, expect 1 to 2 weeks of downtime and a more involved recovery. 

Dr. Chance and her team at C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics focus on providing each patient with an easeful, low-stress recovery. Dr. Chance will personally oversee your healing journey and be available to you for any questions or concerns. Making adjustments to your face can bring up a lot of emotion. At C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, expect to be supported and cared for in every aspect of your anti-aging journey.

What Results Can I Expect After The Procedure?

A chin augmentation can take years off your face by creating a well-defined, youthful neck and jaw contour. It can also make your face more aesthetically pleasing, establishing balance and symmetry among your facial features where none existed before. Dr. Chance possesses an immense knowledge of facial anatomy, having spent thousands of hours performing detailed facial operations both in her private practice and during her years of rigorous training. With this expertise comes the insight necessary to make subtle, detailed adjustments that enhance your existing features in a natural and understated way.

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Woman-Led & Patient-Forward Care

Dr. Chance is one of the few women who specialize in facial plastic surgery. In a field dominated by male surgeons, Dr. Chance consistently produces outstanding results on par with industry leaders in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. While her work speaks for itself, Dr. Chance goes a step further by providing modern, patient-forward care.

At C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, Dr. Chance only operates on one patient a day. She also personally oversees the recovery of each surgical patient. Her love for detail and her compassionate and patient manner truly set C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics apart. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Chance, call us today!

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