An Elegant and Harmonious Profile For All

Some patients dislike their facial profile because their nose, forehead, cheeks, lips, chin, or jawline do not blend together in an aesthetically pleasing way. This could be due to genetics or stubborn fat that refuses to budge despite diet and exercise. Advances in cosmetic and reconstructive facial treatments have provided a perfect solution called profile balancing.

What Exactly Is Profile Balancing?

In simple terms, profile balancing recontours certain areas of your face to create a more proportional and attractive look. Profile balancing is commonly performed with dermal fillers, but surgical procedures like facial implants, submental liposuction, and neck tightening can be used too. At C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dr. Elizabeth Chance develops a customized approach for each patient.

More About Facial Implants

For those with weak jaws, flat cheeks, or recessed chins, genetics is often to blame. Thankfully, small, flexible facial implants can balance a face in a way that looks and feels natural. Facial implants are affixed in place and will not shift, and they are made from medical-grade materials that are FDA-approved and safe for general use. Dr. Chance is adept at hiding surgical incisions, which makes any evidence of facial implants non-existent to the casual observer. Dr. Chance will conduct a thorough exam of your facial structure before determining if implants are right for you.

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What Are Some Reasons To Seek Profile Balancing?

A consultation with Dr. Chance is the best way to learn about profile balancing and how it can improve the way you look. During your dedicated hour with her, Dr. Chance will listen to your insecurities and aesthetic goals with compassion and patience. If she determines that profile balancing is right for you, Dr. Chance will educate you on the risks and benefits so you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Below are common reasons to request profile balancing: 

  • Your face is either too prominent or too slight in certain areas
  • You want to enhance individual features 
  • You have a weak chin or jawline
  • You can’t lose the weight around your lower face

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What Is Recovery Like?

Each profile balancing procedure is bespoke because each patient has unique anatomy and distinct needs. Sometimes fillers are a perfect way to balance a patient’s face, and downtime is negligible. Other times, surgical corrections are more appropriate and require a dedicated recovery period. What remains constant is Dr. Chance’s personal commitment to providing each patient with a smooth, low-stress recovery.

Dr. Chance and her service-oriented team at C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, understand that recovery from aesthetic procedures can be both emotionally and physically taxing. This is why theirs is a patient-forward approach that focuses on providing calm, customized, and considerate care.

What Results Can I Expect After The Procedure?

After custom profile balancing, you can expect to have an elegant and well-defined facial profile. Your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin will be proportional in relation to one another, and you will love the way you look. If your profile balancing was accomplished with dermal fillers, results will last for 12-18 months. If surgical corrections like facial implants and liposuction were pursued, results will last for years. Dr. Chance often hears patients express regret for not pursuing this procedure sooner. 

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Welcome To The Next Level Of Care

Dr. Chance and her expert staff at C+ Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, are an all-woman team who truly understand what their patients are going through. Patients seek respectful care and natural-looking results from a physician they trust completely, as they should. Dr. Chance is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She has a deep knowledge of facial anatomy and a level of discernment that only comes with experience. Dr. Chance believes that a combination of compassion, expertise, and patient education is the key to wonderful results. To schedule your consultation with her, call us today!

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