Sculpt Your Mid-Face For A Polished Look

Full cheeks are a nearly universal part of young childhood. When chubby cheeks follow us into adulthood however, they can be bothersome and infantilizing. With a simple, short procedure, pockets of fat can be reduced or removed completely for crisp, chic cheekbones.

What Is Buccal Fat, And Why Remove It?

Between your cheekbones and jawline are pads of fat called buccal fat. People with excessive buccal fat have protruding ‘chipmunk’ cheeks that round the face and make it look too full. For a more contoured mid-face, buccal fat can be removed either partially or in its entirety. A facial specialist with a comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and years of experience is key for buccal fat removal. Only surgeons with a trained eye can discern how much buccal fat to remove to give you sculpted and naturally beautiful results. 

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What Happens During The Procedure?

In under an hour, Dr. Elizabeth Chance can remove or reduce the amount of buccal fat in your midface in her state-of-the-art clinic, C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Though quick, buccal fat removal requires a delicate touch and a meticulous eye.

After using local anesthesia to numb the area and reduce blood flow, Dr. Chance makes a small incision inside the mouth in a smooth, moist membrane called the oral mucosa. Buccal fat sits in a neat pocket, and it can be teased out as a whole or gently reduced in size. Once the desired amount of fat is removed, dissolvable sutures are used to close the incision.

What Are Some Reasons To Seek Buccal Fat Removal?

If you are tired of hearing that you have a ‘baby face', or feel that your midface lacks an elegant contour, buccal fat removal could be a great solution. Buccal fat amount and placement are dictated by genetics; this means diet and exercise will have a negligible effect.

Here are some reasons patients seek buccal fat removal:

  • They have chipmunk cheeks 
  • Their midface looks convex and too full
  • Their round cheeks make them look too young and immature
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What Is Recovery Like?

Dr. Chance and her all-woman team at C+ Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics provide elegant, elevated care. This means that every point of your journey with Dr. Chance and her staff is designed to make you feel supported and well cared for. This is particularly true during recovery after a surgical procedure.

Dr. Chance personally oversees each surgical patient’s recovery to ensure healing progresses smoothly. For buccal fat removal, patients can resume office work and light social activity as soon as the next day. Ice packs are recommended for relief, and it is a good idea to eat soft foods for a few days. Sutures dissolve in about a week.

What Results Can I Expect After The Procedure?

Your cheeks will be noticeably slimmer and contoured after buccal fat removal, and this effect will become even more evident once postoperative swelling subsides. Final results settle in around 3-6 months after surgery. While buccal fat does not regenerate, remaining fat cells can expand in size, so maintaining a healthy weight is key for the longevity of your results. 

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Professionalism and Compassion

C+ Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, is an all-woman team led by double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Chance. A native of Charlottesville, Dr. Chance believes that world-class results should be accessible without having to travel to a major city. Dr. Chance is a facial cosmetic and reconstructive expert who pairs her considerable skillset with compassion and patience. Every patient who walks through the doors of C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics can expect a modern approach to anti-aging that champions natural, realistic results and uncompromising care. To schedule a consultation, contact our offices today!   

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