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BOTOX is the top injectable cosmetic treatment in the country and has been smoothening deep facial lines and wrinkles for decades. It is safe to use and requires no downtime, which makes its popularity easy to understand.

What Is A BOTOX Treatment Like?

Like many injectables, BOTOX in Charlottesville, VA, takes typically no longer than 10-15 minutes. Some patients feel a mild burning sensation or a sharp prick when the needle is inserted. If desired, topical numbing cream can be applied to ease patient discomfort.

While it may look like anyone can inject BOTOX, the truth is it takes years of experience and detailed knowledge of facial anatomy to know where to inject and how much product to use. The dreaded 'frozen' face we sometimes see is typically the work of an inexperienced injector. Results are always elegant and natural with a facial expert like Dr. Chance.

Does Getting BOTOX Injections Hurt?

For some, the answer is yes. But it's more accurate to say BOTOX injections are uncomfortable rather than painful.

Dr. Chance recommends that sensitive patients prepare for BOTOX treatments by numbing the area 5-10 minutes before injection. During this time, your facial muscles will relax as well as numb. We use two skin buzzers during treatment that offer significant distraction (it really works!).

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How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX is a neuromodulator, which is a synthetic compound that paralyzes muscles. Neuromodulators accomplish this by preventing muscle nerves from sending the electrical impulses that stimulate muscle contraction. Because of this lapse in communication, muscles can't move. What happens instead is they settle into a state of temporary paralysis. BOTOX was designed to treat dynamic wrinkles, which are those caused by repetitive motions like smiling, frowning, or laughing.

Some common examples of dynamic wrinkles include:

  • Bunny lines on the nose
  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines
  • Frown lines
  • "Elevens," or the wrinkles between the brows

Look Refreshed And Youthful

BOTOX in Charlottesville, VA, will give you a vibrant facial reset that will make you look relaxed and content. Though you'll see immediate changes after the procedure, BOTOX takes about a week to fully relax muscles. BOTOX lasts for around six months and is safe to repeat regularly. BOTOX is often a part of Dr. Chance's customized beauty plans for each patient. For facial rejuvenation that lasts, a combination of treatments like surgery, fillers, chemical peels, and BOTOX should be used in tandem.

BOTOX Aftercare

Because BOTOX is a minimally invasive procedure, you don't need to take any time off your life or work. Most people continue with their day as normal right after treatment.

Some patients may experience mild swelling or redness, but this subsides in a few hours. Avoid bending, exercising, or strenuous activity for a day or two, as this can affect how BOTOX is distributed under the skin.

C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Wrinkle Relaxer Options

We offer additional options in addition to BOTOX to relax wrinkles and achieve a natural, fresh appearance: Dysport and Daxxify. Both injectables achieve excellent results with no downtime, just like BOTOX, and require the same short treatment time.


Dysport is similar to BOTOX in that it effectively relaxes targeted facial muscles to smooth away wrinkles. Dysport is a more diluted formulation than BOTOX and may take effect faster, achieving results more quickly.  Like BOTOX, it is ideal for treating expression lines, glabellar lines, and crow's feet.


Daxxify, like BOTOX and Dysport, is a cutting-edge injectable neurotoxin (wrinkle relaxer). What is different about Daxxify is that it is formulated with unique peptides which act as stabilizers. Daxxify works by inhibiting muscle contractions to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, but because of its stabilizing effects, the results may last nearly twice as long as Dysport and BOTOX.

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Why Choose C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics?

Dr. Elizabeth Chance is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation. Her service-oriented staff at C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia, distinguish themselves by being an all-woman team who understand what it’s like to face the ups and downs of aging because they experience them too.

Dr. Chance believes that a combination of technical expertise, uncompromising care, and compassion is the best way to serve her patients in a modern, forward-thinking way. To schedule your consultation, call us today.

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Woman-Led Modern Care

Dr. Chance leads an all-woman team at C + Co Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia. The advantage of a unique team like hers is that Dr. Chance and her staff know how it feels to navigate aging.

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